Products which have been validated with our System

Product groupSamples
Spice powderPaprika, Curry powder, red pepper
Spices (whole)Clove, Peppercorn, Pimento
Herbs (dried)Oregano, Marjoram, Basil, Bay leaves
TeaPeppermint, Chamomile
Botanicalsfor Cosmetics, Personal-Care products, Chamomile
Nutritional supplements 
SeedsCumin seeds, Fennel, Aniseed
Dried mushrooms 
Dry fruitsApricots, Raisin, Prune
NutsHazelnut, Walnut, Almonds

Natural Steam Sterilization –
Solutions for the Food-Industry

Whether dry fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs or spices: decide on the natural Steam-Sterilization system. Different shapes can be treated: whole, pieces, leaves, chopped, crushed, powdered. Our Batch-Process ensures an effective, total destruction of dangerous microorganisms. There are no residues, scorching and breakup of the product and quality and look remain constant. Lastly - and most importantly - our Sterilization Process is 100% natural - chemical and radiation free.

Reduction from 3 to 7 logs
Effective microorganism kill

Stability of Consistence

Stability of Consistence:

Our Steam Sterilization System maintains the quality of the products. Flavor and Taste, Color and Moisture: there are minimal or no changes. Volatile Oil content is the most difficult to preserve during Sterilization treatment. Our experience allows us to maximize the efficiency of oil preservation.
Stability of Consistence

Treatment Tuning Possibilities

Treatment Tuning Possibilities

The Imtech Software allows many Possibilities:

  • Creating an unlimited Number of profiles
  • Scale the main factors (Steri Temperature, Steri Time...) in order to
    achieve specific results per products / per customer requirements.
No other system on the market can offer such flexibility.