• NOW
    Going Forward
    Imtech-Steri’s reputation for providing high quality Sterilization plants is now firmly established. More than 20 plants currently have a Global Support Contract with Imtech Steri.
  • 2007/2014
    Installation of Pasteurization plants worldwide: USA, India, Egypt, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Turkey.
  • 2006
    Creation of a new business unit dedicated to the Food Industry. Imtech becomes Imtech-Steri and starts to brand it’s own units and supplies the market direct with the new product line BIOSTEAM.
  • 1998
    A new partnership is created with SteamLab, the market leader in sales of pasteurization plants designed by Imtech. Three plants are installed in Europe on the basis of this partnership.
  • 1994
    First installation of units in the Food Industry (in Switzerland and Germany) in partnership with Zellgern. The fir st products to be treated are mushrooms and herbs.
  • 1989
    The Food Industry shows interest in Pasteurization using Saturated Steam. Imtech starts tests and development to adapt the Autoclave Technology to Food Industry requirements.
  • 1979
    Founding of Imtech AG. The name is derived from: Industrial and Medical Technology. Activities start with the installation and maintenance of Autoclaves for the Swiss Pharma & Chemical industries.